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Single Pickup

Next step on the Bullet project is to cut a plywood template for the pickguard. I could just translate the CAD file onto the plastic and cut, but it’s best practice to make a proper template... and besides, I have plenty of ply knocking around in the shed for making mistakes.

This is would also allow me to make an alternative colour pickguard at a later date or even start a business making repro Bullet pickguards - this time next year Rodney...

The pickup holes were my first conundrum. For a combination of reasons I decided to make one template for the pick up holes that could be transferred and copied into the main template as well as any future projects. I have a lot of trust in the follow me router bit and this should result in 3 identical holes.

My CAD load suggested the ‘70s holes were 17mm wide whereas the ones on my parts Strat and the loose pickup covers were 18mm. 18mm is a standard cutter diameter so that’s an easy decision made!

Ideally this is just a case of loading up an 18mm bit and following a straight line. However, I own a palm router, which is one of my most favourite tools, but it doesn’t have a plunge function so I had to gently lower the router down into the ply before cutting the hole.

Surprisingly this worked with only a little deviation along one edge where I “plunged” but that was easily fixed with some filler and a spot of primer.

And there we have a single pickup template!

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